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    Dear All,

    I have not found any useful thread via the search function here. I’m mounting a new page. Today wanted to add a fancy Dynamix slider and surprise, the shortcode generates 2 sliders in the same page. Actually all the page content is duplicated. Any othe content weorks fine


    Link to the Blog: http://www.aurel-archery.de/blog

    Link to the test posting page: http://www.aurel-archery.de/postings/


    The shortcode: [postgallery_slider content="textimage"  categories="1"  id="1" imageeffect="reflection" imgheight="300" imgwidth="150"/]


    Hope somebody has a tip for me.


    Thanks in advance!






    I don’t see any group slider on the test page – only a stage gallery.


    It maybe that you need to disable Shortcodes in the Excerpt, via Settings -> Excerpt?


    Dear Any,

    Thanks for the reply. And thanks for such a fantastic WP Template!


    The Blog Page = http://www.aurel-archery.de/blog is ok.

    The Page with the Posting slider is not ok = http://www.aurel-archery.de/postings/ = you see the page twice


    I have inserted the code only once. Plain text before and text after, nothing else. It results in the page being displayed twice for some magic reason :-).


    The Excerpt shortcode setting was enabled indeed. Now disabled, but did not solve the issue.


    The pages show twice only with this shortcode:

    [postgallery_slider content="textimage"  categories="1"  id="1" imageeffect="reflection" imgheight="300" imgwidth="150"/]


    All other shortcodes inserted in the pages and articles work fine so far.




    I have made a new page whit this content:


    Text before slider code with images

    [postgallery_slider content="textimage" categories="1" id="1" imageeffect="reflection" imgheight="300" imgwidth="150"/]

    Text before slider code without pictures

    [postgallery_slider content="text" categories="1" undefined id="0" /]


    An the result can be seen under: http://www.aurel-archery.de/posting-slider-test-2/




    Thanks again for your time and support.




    This is a very strange issue, I’ve not come across this before. Can you PM me your login details please ( click my avatar -> private message ). Thanks

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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