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  • Jack Purdie

    Hello mate, me again…

    I’m hoping this isn’t something that is going to be a simple check box or something…!

    I’m trying to get 2 rows of 3 columns to sit nicely with a margin, a border and internal padding. My ultimate goal is to end up with a ‘collage’ effect of posts/galleries/text boxes and enquiry forms with varying heights.

    Despite all-but-one of the boxes having the same content, they won’t sit happily along a single line.

    I have tried altering the overall global site-width, but this just changes the sizes of the box.

    See what you think. If it’s an easy fix, just point me in the direction and I’ll get it sorted, but I’m stumped.



    Jack Purdie
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    Hi Jack,

    Unfortunately you can’t change the margin values on the columns – this will create “greater width” and destroy the grid system. Your best bet would be to add margin / border values to elements within the column instead.

    Jack Purdie

    Morning Andy.

    Understood, I have changed this back and will find an alternate way to achieve what i’m going for!

    Cheers for looking at it.

    Take care.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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