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  • rolers


    what’s wrong witjh my accordion gallery (http://addikta.com/pct/?page_id=4)? I’ve defined pictures and links, but gallery doesn’t work. How can i fix it?

    Hi rolers,


    just checked your link & I can not see any accordion gallery. Did you removed it meanwhile?


    Btw you are using an outdated version of DynamiX (v2.8.7). Could you please update to the most recent version which is v2.9.1 by now. Maybe this fixes your main problem too. 😉






    Fixed. New version works great! Thanks.

    Thanks for your feedback & you are welcome! 🙂

    Eva Thuringer

    I bought Dynamix theme yesterday, because I wanted a fully responsive theme. Unfortunately I have a problem with accordion gallery: I uploaded photos into the gallery, but on mobile (iPhone) I can’t see anything. Accordion gallery is not a must on mobile devices, but the photos should be displayed under each other, as shown on the demo page – it’s a kind of portfolio, so images must be shown on every device. Could you be so kind to tell me what the solution is?


    Hi Eva,

    Unfortunately Accordion is the only gallery that will not work on mobile devices, it is hidden from view. The only reason why it’s there still is because earlier versions of the Theme were non-responsive ( before the idea was conceived ).

    What you could do instead is to create a Grid Gallery via the Visual Composer and add the following Text to the CSS Classes field. Use the same data source as the Accordion Gallery.

    show-on-phones show-on-tablets

    This will only show on Tablets and Phones and hidden on Desktops ( when the accordion is visible ).

    I hope that helps?

    Eva Thuringer

    Hi Andy,

    Thank you very much, this is the solution I was looking for!


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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