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  • Ofir Arbel

    Good day to you all and i hope that i will figure out how to do this complicated thing i want


    1. press some link on my home page – “no problem here :)”

    2. when the page is open i want to have some video in all over the page – the video needs to be auto start when i’m landing on the page – don’t have a clue here

    2. after the video is finished i need to see some photo i have


    “its some bank safe that will open and go inside the safe and than the movie is ended and i want to see some photo of safe boxes deposit boxes “


    3. i will make the photo clickable in some areas – i know how to do it  in photoshop but…..

    i want to stay in the same page and replace the contact of the page with every click on the photo so if we think about the all picture it’s that i will press some deposit box in the photo i want to see list of files……


    i know it’s very complected and i’m willing to pay someone to help me here






    Unfortunately I can’t help here – you’ll need to hire someone to help with this as it can’t be done with standard features. I’m not sure if you could do something with YouTube, they have clickable elements now and it maybe far easier to implement that way.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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