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    Hi Andy,

    Been following your u tube lessons several time, also I checked the PH5+ and it's ok.

    I m having a lot of trouble.

    The top drop pannel menu is hidden under Dash board, I set the social logo/links but it won't work.

    The Dynamix plug in are going messy and crazy. animated text on top of each other

    The galery grid : I can't write the text nor I can choose what I want in. It takes whatever it finds in the post. And it add a yuky square unerneath for text and I don't

    want this.

    I cannot add more than two slide in the index. Or slides in general.

    The list shows <ul> online instead of ticks.

    Image are squeezed when the set up was "zoom crop"

    contact in drop pannel shows as a page button no ! ….

    I love this theme, I've given up working on it this week as I just couldn't figure out this problems … 🙁 so depressing to be stuck.

    I did other word theme from forest and managed. Even yours.

    I don't understand. I showed YOUR theme to some friends as it is so brill ! but can't manage it …

    I hope the update will fix all my bugs.

    I already have Dynamix HTML and would like to turn it into a wordpress but I really wonder if I'll be able too …

    btw, this site doesn't recognise my purchase number and comments "no mail" , what does it mean ?

    I have erased it all today, restarting from scratch from my server with easy install.

    If you wish to have a look at it, I will give you the link but not here as Google shows all the post in forums …

    Have a goody goody day Andy



    Hi Dexter. You can use or just give the url without linking to your site. It's too difficult to help without an url.


    Hi Dexterio,

    Please check to see the theme is instlled correctly first

    If that's okay, then please PM me your login details I can take a look for you. 


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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