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  • Scott C

    I'd like to do some more with the group slider… for instance remove the border.

    I'm trying to create what looks like the grid, but instead with 3 columns, each with a group slider in it, set to show only 1 slide of a slideset at a time.

    Where can i find the option to remove the border? What about the options to choose how many slides are shown from a slideset? I'd really like to avoid using posts, as that's where we'll be blogging.


    24 Thirty

    Hi Scott,

    There's no option to remove the Border, you would have to customise the code, and i don't think it would be a small job.

    With the slide set… it only shows the number of slides that you have in the set.

    So if you wanted certain parts of the slide set to show in one column, you'd have to make three sets and have them all showing simultaneously.

    Good Luck


    Scott C

    Hey thanks for the Reploy 24 Thirty!

    Looks like I'll have to live with the border, or i can try to track down chich element the border is on and try removing it with CSS–will post back if i end up doing this.

    Regarding the SlideSet and Group Slider, I believe I have already tried what it is you're describing. I had three slidesets, each with 3 Slides in them. I created a 3-column layout and put a Group Slider in each slide set, each referencing one of these 3 slidesets. Problem is when i viewed it, each Group Slider had the first Slide showing, and the other two slides showing as well, though obviously hidden behind the other columns–i can't seem to get them functioning as a single slider (maybe this is just impossible, as it is named the "group slider" lol)



    To remove the border you can edit the style.css – search for

    .gallery-wrap {

    You can remove the border and shadow values from here and that will stop remove the border for you. 

    At the moment you can only select 1 slideset – I'll look at changing this in the future. 

    Scott C

    Thanks for the pointer on the .gallery-wrap {

    It appears you've named things logically, I just need to look better.

    Finally, a BIG thanks to you Andy–I am astounded at the level of service you offer here.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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