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  • dean

    somewhere along the way, formatting has become a problem.

    1) in gallery, the text used to show in the center, right, etc. — now it is all left, regardless of settings.

    2) I installed ‘text expander’, a little jquery, that expands/hides text – used to work and now shows expanded all the time.

    3) bulleted lists, lost the bullets.


    I figured it had something to do with plugins, so I deactived all, and reinstalled all.


    same problem.


    website is highroaddivorce.com


    recent changes (and I made a bunch in a row – I know, dumb).

    upgrade to 3.4.1

    upgraded text expander

    installed geotagging (by alexander someone)

    then I noticed the problem.

    deactived / deleted geotaggin.

    deactivated/deleted text expander

    deactivated/deleted jetpack.


    changed theme back to 2011, and text expander still does not work.


    haven’t touched custom contact forms (v5xxxx) because, I have so much work, I’m afraid the work will be deleted.

    I am a complet3 newbie. I’m pretty proud of what was built, and now I may have to start from scratch.


    any help would be greatly appreciated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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