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    First, thanks for this beautiful and simple thème !

    But it have big problems for SEO … 🙁

    Please: 3 things to improve quickly for the new updates:

    1) Jquery and CSS, unify or/and compressed !

    Google do the quickly download of a page a criteria to a good rank (the weight is , so important)

    One page for example (no add to plugin in particular)

    CSS: “Compressed” 283 Ko really to heavy ! Non compressed 1135 Ko Ouch 🙁
    Jquery: “Compressed” 421 Ko Non compressed 550 Ko

    It so heavy, Google recommand 0,2 second for the dowload of a page with ADSL / DSL connection !

    2) Stop with header H2, H6 for widgets and plugin !

    One page do have:


    You make H2 to plugins ( even remove title to plugin, text or alt attribute take place to title) and this is ugly, i dont want inevitably a header 2 for the plugin, it makes no sense !

    Widgets are even worst, H2 to title widget and category to blog in H6 !!

    Header is not to have a bigger text, it makes sense for the sense of the info and influence google ranking !

    Make all this, in paragraph ( “title” of plugin and widgets) or give us simply the choice to choose the header importance or make in paragraph.

    3) Don’t automatically do in the same page the Title = H1 !

    It will do different…by default

    Hope my observations help you and take into account for the next update ?

    Thanks for your answer

    Hi @phil13

    Thanks for your feedback.

    I have forwarded this to the developer for consideration on future updates for the theme.



    Thanks !

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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