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    The only other issue I am having is:
    1) I cannot add a slide gallery in a widget even though I have the widget that allows visual composer. The galleries conflict with the ones on the pages. Also – it sometimes difficult to use more than one gallery on a page. (I noted that above or on another ticket).
    2) How do I add a contact info to dock?

    Hi @sasenzon

    1. Regarding the gallery in the sidebar, I checked your site and I saw the you added a Grid Gallery in the sidebar and it currently works on the site. Can you please elaborate?

    Regarding you site having issues loading multiple galleries in one page, I am afraid this is a hosting issue since we have tested this on our test site and have also seen it done on other customers’ sites and they work without any issues.

    2. You can add the contact information either via Header Panel or Information Panel from Widgets.



    I had to use a grid gallery because the moving galleries crashed the page.

    Glad to know you found a workaround and if the Grid Gallery can achieve what you want, then it is best to keep it as is.


Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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