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  • Ricky Delli Paoli

    Hi All!

    First of all, excuse me for my bad english.

    I'm doing some configuration at the Dynamix Theme, I really like it.

    I put 3 accordion and 3 title in the Home Page (as the demo version of the theme), and now i was wondering if is possible to use a kind of script for a sort of "auto update" of my activities.

    For example, if i write a new article in the blog section, the newest post goes in the accordion 1; if i upload a new photo, this new photo goes in the 1 title…or something like that.

    Thanks for the help and, one more time, excuse my bad english.



    Hi Ricky,

    Yes you can do this with the Shortcode Generator -> Image Gallery, for each post set the Stage Gallery Options -> Gallery Image Content to Text Only and it will display the content from that post. 

    Hope that helps


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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