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    Hello, I’m just jumping back in with Dynamix and trying to get used to visual composer. I have wordpress 4.5, dynamix 5.2 and updated the visual composer to 4.11.2 as per the “Visual Composer Update ( WP 4.5 Fix )” post instructs which fixed the VC so it actually done something.

    I’m struggling to add borders to columns or rows. I’m cilcking the relevant edit button, design options and setting the border options there. Clicking save but no borders appear on the website. If I click the edit button again the border options haven’t been stored. Ive tried this on bothe the front and back end editors of VC.

    Any advise please?


    Hi @kebab2kuk

    An update to Dynamix was released today. Can you please update your theme to that first and check if the issue persists?

    If it does, try to disable all plugins leaving VC enabled. If the issue still persists, please provide the URL of your site and login credentials to your WP dashboard so we can check it from our end.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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