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    I have WordPress 3.1.3 with bbpress PLUGIN installed and S2Member.

    I've created My Forums and my navigation Tree as I want them,

    Everything is OK

    until I try to post a first Topic.

    When I do so, this Topic is this only page I can see.

    If I try to navigate inside my Forums, the URL changes in the browser adress bar,

    but wordpress displays only one thing : THIS TOPIC …

    If I create a new topic, I can still see only the first one !

    If I erase all topics, then I can see My Forums again, and navigate inside

    and outside as normal …

    Any Idea ?

    PS – if I remove Dynamix and use wordpress standart theme

    I dont have this problem.



    I don't think it's a problem with the theme as you can see that it works fine here. I'm wondering if there is a conflict with the plugins – can you try disabling them and see if the issue resolves. 


    I wil try that this afternoon, and I'll let you know.

    However, I think you are using buddypress (with its integrated forum) here ; 

    I am using bbpress PLUGIN 2 beta3 as a plugin for wordpress, (without buddypress).

    The plugin version is possibly very different compared to the regular version


    I see (Sorry, coffee hadn't kicked in yet), I actually haven't configured BBPress to work with DynamiX. I'll test out the plugin. 


    I've just tested the plugin out and it works fine for me, I have created two topics and I can navigate using the breadcrumbs to and from the forums page, topic, etc. Is that what you can't do?


    Thanks for testing !

    Yes, that's exactly what I cannot do …

    when I post a Topic, I can no longer navigate the Forums.

    (However, the URLs are changing in the adress bas of my browser)

    I tried to remove all plugins but bbpress …Got the Same problem.

    I have 2 other themes installed : "Twenty ten 1.2" and "Marketer CSM 1.11,"

    As soon as I switch to one of those, I can navigate the Forums …

    Please have a look at my Forums ….


    You can login with

    user = user

    and for passord you can use = password

    So You can try to post a Topic, and see whats happenening …

    Thank you so much

    (i will donate for help)


    I see what you mean – mine definitely doesn't do that. 

    What version of the plugin are you using? I'm using Version 2.0-beta-3b?

    Also what is your permalink structure?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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