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  • Matthew Yonan

    I’m trying to use the URL’s in the button shortcode for email or phone numbers and no matter how I seem to format the link, they don’t work.

    How should I format the link for an email in a button shortcode?

    [vc_btn title="Email" style="flat" align="left" shape="square" link="mailto:example@gmail.com"]

    How should I format the link for a phone # in a button shortcode?

    [vc_btn title="612-555-1212" style="flat" align="left" shape="square" link="tel:612-555-1212"]

    The way I have those links on the site now – they don’t work. http://puppy-love.biz/contact

    Hi @mnmatt

    Can you send over your login credentials so we can check and test on this further?


    Matthew Yonan
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    Hi @mnmatt

    It looks like you added a text box with the button shortcode. Please add a button element instead then for the button links, add mailto:example@gmail.com and tel:612-555-1212 respectively.

    That should make your button links work.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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