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  • Derek Van Choice


    I am using the Cart66 shopping cart plug-in  (which works perfectly, btw) with the DynamiX theme.  In the screenshot crop below, you'll notice the "Update Total" button text is mushed off of the bottom of the button.  It only does this in Mozilla Firefox–displays okay in IE, after adding the following code to style.css:

    .Cart66ButtonSecondary {

    line-height:0px !important;


    That code was provided by the awesome support at Cart66, and corrected IE, but not Firefox.  If I change themes, the problem is corrected, so I thought I would try here in the theme forum.  The test site is at protosoar.com, which will be moving to the final domain shortly.  Would love to solve this issue prior to that.

    Any ideas are greatly appreciated!

    Also, for anyone else using Cart66 and experiencing the Add to Cart button being a little higher, and not color-filling the entire border box, just add this code (courtesy of Cart66) to style.css – Corrects that problem perfectly:

    .purAddToCart {

    border:none !important;

    background:none !important;

    width:95px !important;

    height:25px !important;





    Hi Derek,

    It's  a padding value that is causing the issue. Try adding at the bottom of your style.css file the following

    input[type="submit"].Cart66ButtonSecondary {padding-top:0 !important;}

    looks great btw!

    Derek Van Choice

    Yay!  Thanks, Andy!

    Worked like a charm.  Firefox is fixed now, and, in IE, that text is only slightly higher than center, which is so negligible it's not a problem.

    Huge thanks, again!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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