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    Here’s a tale of wo and tragedy to start your day. (For those on the East coast). We’re in a tricky bind. Our site uses a modified version of Dynamix. We opted for the child theme in an earlier release to ensure ‘seamless’ transition to new versions of the parent theme as they became available. We’ve recently been compromised by the Tim Thumb script. In a perfect world we’d move to 2.8.9 or 2.9 and disable Tim Thumb in the theme settings. Unfortunately our modified child theme will not play well with 2.8.9 or 2.9. Gallery slider doesn’t display properly, navigation isn’t formatting correctly etc. The developer who created it has become seriously ill and is no longer able to work for us. Hence we’ve lost our link to the only person who understood what needed to be updated in the child theme to retain the ‘seamless’ update approach. (2.8.9 and 2.9 are out of reach for now). We have a new person working on the problem. Unfortunately, the hosting company, today, has jumped the gun and blocked the tim-thumb script (even though it is the latest version), citing ‘potential hazard’ before we had a chance to finish reverse engineering the child theme. Our site is now devoid of images. For an art news site this couldn’t get much worse. That’s the background, here’s the question: Can Tim Thumb be disabled in code in version 2.8 to allow our images to display properly? None of our pages use it. We physically set the dimensions of different images prior to upload and use them accordingly in posts and pages. We love Dynamix, we love the new features in 2.9. We love Tersus. We’ve bought that too. We love our art site. We hate our hosting company. We loathe Tim Thumb. We’re under time pressure to get our site working again. We’re sticking with Dynamix 2.8 for now, our new guy is doing what he can but we have other work on that’s consuming his time. Can anyone help us out of the current problem?




    I’m sorry to hear about your encounter with timthumb being hacked.


    Disabling timthumb in 2.8 is complex – what sort of modifications were made in the child theme? Just CSS or functions? If you could send me your child theme (zipped) to info@northvantage.co.uk – unfortunately I can’t extend my support to customisations, but I’ll take a quick look,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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