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  • Kevin Michael Reed

    My home page has a Stage Gallery, latest tweets, recent posts and I’m attempting to do an post gallery of just a category of posts, but the image gallery will not show up.  I’ve tried turning off the stage gallery, the recent posts, twitter, etc.  I’ve also disabled all plugins to make sure that there were no plugin conflicts.  I’ve tried different types of post galleries.


    Here’s what I have in the page:


    [styledbox type=”general” align=”center”]

    h2Recent Posts/h2
    [recent_posts content=”textimage” id=”recentpoststop” image_effect=”shadowreflect” shadow=”shadow-small” image_width=”250″ image_align=”alignleft” order=”date” orderby=”DESC” limit=”8″ No /][/styledbox] [hozbreaktop] [styledbox type=”shadow” align=”center”]
    h2Recent Video Posts/h2

    [postgallery_accordion content=”image” categories=”VIDEO” shadow=”shadow-medium” id=”videoposts” imageeffect=”shadowreflection” height=”320″ width=”700″ autoplay=”enable” minititles=”enable” align=”aligncenter” /] [/styledbox] [hozbreaktop]




    Note, I’ve replaced < with and > with


    The site is at http://www.exposingfashion.com



    Thanks In advance for any advice.

    Kevin Michael Reed

    Update: I finally did get this to work: This seems to be a bug in the theme, or better yet the Shortcode Generator.


    The short code generator puts the “Category Name” in the code, but it should put the Category Slug in the code.  If the slug and the category name aren’t exactly the same, including capitalization, it will not work.


    Hi Kevin,


    It’s best practice to have the slug the same as the category name anyway – if I provided the slug and the category name was different then people would probably complain they couldn’t see their category.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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