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  • Shaufi

    Hi, i would like to change the background color of the inner skin or to even use a custom bg image. How can i go about this? I have looked into the CSS file but i can't figure out where to put it in (sorry i am not so good in this).

    Thanks in advance!

    Flickapix Dezign

    thats not an easy or possible task in this theme realy as most of the elements like shadowed styled box,accordian and tabs are all styled around the background,you would have to find ALL css dependancies and images and edit to suit your background,it would be easier designing your own theme tbh 🙂


    Ya…know what you meant…tried and the results were quite bad. Think either i stick a background image tile or just the plain vanilla then.



    Hello! I just want to lighten the gray that is used under the carbon skin dark setting. Just a few shades even. I want it to be #737373 instead of the default. Is this the same as what they were asking to do? I did change it in the CSS but I did not see a difference. I hope it is simple! Thank you.

    The site is below if anyone wants to take a peek at it.



    THANKS 🙂


    Hi Shelby,


    Your best option is to edit DynamiX/stylesheets/dark-content.css and change the following lines to the colour you want.


    #wrapper, #wrapper.gallery {background-color:#1b1b1b;}

    body {background:#1b1b1b;color:#ccc;}

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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