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    Hi, I’m using a page for categories (http://manugoo.de/deine-meinung) when I go to a post from this page e.g. http://manugoo.de/meinung-abgeben/probleme-zur-abstimmung/solar-kuehler/ the permalink is switched into category slug. And the breadcrumb looks as follows: Startseite / Deine Meinung / Probleme zur Abstimmung / Solar k├╝hler That’s all ok so far. What I would like to have is: when you click on “Deine Meinung” in Breadcrumbs you’re refferd to the PAGE “Deine Meinung” instead of the category “Deine Meinung (slug: meinung-abgeben)”. Is that possible to do?

    BTW: I’m using yoast but I’m not sure that the breadcrumb comes from yoast.

    Tom ( Support)


    Unfortunately this is not possible to do as you cannot cross a page and post with permalinks and breadcrumbs. They always follow back to the home page from where they were originally coming from. E.g, a post would go back through the category then back home. A page within a page would do the same.

    Sorry I cannot be of anymore assistance with this.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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