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  • pk johnson

    Good day,

    It seems that I can get a certain amount of information or a certain number of short codes in, but then regardless if I add one letter or one paragraph, when I save and go to look at it at the front end, there is nothing remaining on the page. It's as if adding that one letter breaks everything.

    I downloaded the theme last week so I assume it is current.

    I am running WP 3.1.1.

    Windows 7

    I make the edits in html mode. (tried in visual mode just for the heck of, same thing, add a word, break the page)

    I turned off all my plug-ins – makes no difference.

    My host is running PHP 5.2.17.

    I've encountered this on several pages now, I have recreated the pages ( no copy and paste), starting with a fresh blank "add page", everything goes well for a while, then I try to add one more word or a short-code or a paragraph, update the page, go to look at it in the front end, and all the text is gone. Any galleries on that page are still there, just all the text is gone.

    Searched the forum and went through most of the many pages related to this theme on themeforest, but haven't really found any relief for my problem.

    Appreciate anyones guidance or anyone having experienced the same issue letting me know what might have resolved it for them.

    All the best,




    I've heard of this lately but only with regards to tabs, is that what you're using? 

    pk johnson

    Yes, this is happening with tabs.


    I think it's to do with the WP editor, it's not liking something things that are inserted. I fixed this by re-inserting the shortcode or copying one of the previous tabs and renaming the ID. 

    It's one of those weird ones and absolutely no explanation to why it would do that. 

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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