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    Patrick Conway

    I am trying to change the font type and size for the menu as they are too small.

    I read the manual:

    Font Type
    Visit Appearance ? Theme Options ? General ? Typography and choose between Cufon,
    Google or Normal Fonts. By default Google fonts are used, the selected font type will display a
    pre-selected list of fonts within the Customizer ? Font Settings.
    Custom Cufon Font
    Add a custom Cufon font by downloading a Cufon javascript file from example cufonfonts.com –
    the file can be uploaded via the Media Library – copy and paste the URL into the Appearance
    ? Theme Options ? General ? Custom Cufón Font field.
    The new font will appear within the Appearance ? Themes ? Customize ? Font Settings ?
    Headings Font Family list.
    Custom Google Fonts
    Add upto two custom Google Fonts. Once the fields have been completed the new fonts will
    appear within the Appearance ? Themes ? Customize

    Nowhere can I find “Font Settings” as explained above.

    I tried to upload some fonts from Google and Cufon Fonts but they don’t seem to have any impact.

    I did find Typography under General but when I upload them nothign happens. I need the font to change on the menus and I need to make it a bit larger as it is very small.

    I Loaded the Child Theme and tried to do it with CSS but nothing seems to work.

    Any help would be appreciated!



    The font sizes are set in the Skin Customizer > Appearance > Themes > Customize. Edit the Skin you’re using and then goto Font Settings to change the sizes.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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