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  • Paul Kunkel

    At http://help.themeva.com/how-to-guides/dynamix-how-to-guides/change-menu-width/ we are told that changing the Sub Menu Width is a two-step process. 

    1. In Style.css, search for   #tabs ul ul {   and modify the width value.   

    2. Then search for    #tabs ul li ul ul   and increase the  Left:  value to the desired setting.  

    But if you do nothing more, the highlight that appears on hover remains the original width (in my case, 30 pixels too wide).  That's no good. Solving this problem requires a third step… 

    3. Search for   #tabs ul li ul li {    and adjust the width accordingly to adjust the highlight that is visible on hover to match the newly-adjusted width of the Sub Menu.   [I reduced this value by 30 pixels.)


    If this tip was already mentioned earlier, my apologies. 

    All in all, Andy has done a great job with DynamiX.  


    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for this – you're right, I just missed that step out. I'll change the how to now. 

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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