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  • Simon

    I tried to customize some settings by applying “classes” to elements. I put the defintion of the classes under “Custom CSS” in the Theme Options.

    div.datumrecentposts { margin-bottom: 12px; font-size:80%; font-style:italic }
    h4.recentposts { margin-bottom: 2px; color:red; font-size:80%; font-style:italic }

    Problem is – the div element works (settings are applied), the h4-element won’t apply. Neither do classes with “table” or “td”. How is that? When I apply these settings directly in the .php-file it works perfectly.

    Website is: http://www.ig-jettingen.de
    I wanted to apply this in the “Recent Posts” settings (left bottom of the page).


    PS: I’m using Dynamix 3.1


    Hi Simon,

    What you’ve done is absolutely correct for italic, however the font you’re using doesn’t support it. As for the red text, change from h4.recentposts to h4.recentposts a

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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