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    Hi there, I have a problem with comments/responses to posts. Logged in as free subscriber and should be able to post. But on both page (i.e. http://www.base1music.com/aboutus/) and post (i.e. http://www.base1music.com/2011/05/vocals-base1option/ ) i receive the following error message when I type a comment and click 'Submit' :  Error: please type a comment.

    The plugins I have active are: S2member, WP Show IDs, Google Analyticator, SI CAPTCHA Anti-spam, IM8 Exclude Pages, Fast Secure Contact Form Buddypress and Buddypress Profiles Manager . I have deactivated all plugins and the comments are not working in Dynamix Child Theme. They are working fine in TwentyTen theme with the plugins activated. 

    The BP Profile Manager plugin required that the edit.php file was altered: 

    1. Go to your buddy-press template and search for edit.php under members/single/profile.

    2. Change bp_profile_group_tabs(); with bp_pm_group_tabs()

    The plugin developer altered the required file, as I couldn't get it to work. He said: "Sorry about the delay in getting back to you, I was having trouble finding the error source but eventually found it. It appears that on your website and I guess of the other persons website the hook 'bp_head' is not there and so the functions were not registering.

    I have changed the function hook to 'wp_head' and created a clause so that if your website has problems finding the function it will just display the old tabs (Default)."

    Would this have caused the problem? If so would it still be a problem with BP Profiles Manager deactivated? 

    I have reactivated the plugins, but don't know what to do next. Please advise. 

    Out of my depth! Thanks in anticipation for your help 😕




    I didn't receive any error when posting a comment – does it just do it for people who are logged in? 

    It probably would work with TwentyTen because it doesn't have BuddyPress built into it. Have you seen if using the standard BuddyPress theme does it? 

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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