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    First thing first: Not only must I thank you for making such a complexed theme so easy to work with, but even more so, I have to thank you for taking the time to create the video tutorals.  Every author on Theme Forest needs to follow in your footsteps and do the same.  Some have created such complexed themes that you literally have to be a theme author to figure them out.  And I appreacite that you made a video specifically for recreating the live demo's homepage.  I've looked through a bunch of great looking themes, and upon reading the theme's comments, noted that many people could never get their site to look like the demo.  Theme Forest should make that mandatory for all themes sold there.  So again, thank you or that.  It is the reason I purchased this theme.

    Now on to the support needed: I created the home page according to the documentation and put the contact us in the dropdown panel.  I tested the contact us function and after hitting the submit button I am taking to an error page that reads:

    Error 404

    "We're sorry but that page could not be found."

    Then below this, it gives a list/links to the sites other pages.  I'm not sure why it is doing this.  The URL is coming up as http://www.mysite.com/#… 

    I used a "Text" widget to input the shortcode into and I copied the shortcode from the Help PDF that came in the download.  Is this right?  Here is the code I copied:

    [enquiry_form id="footercontact" emailto="me@myemailaddress.com" thankyou="We will be in touch soon. Thank you." /]

    Is this correct?  I am getting the thank you message in the dropdown panel, it just goes to some other unknow page.

    Thank you for your assistance…

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