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    I’ve just upgraded to 2.9.2 (had same problem with 2.9.1, incidentally) from 2.8.7. Having made all my usual custom tweaks – mainly the odd line spacing mod – everything was fine except the styling from custom.css wasn’t rendering the main menu correctly. The font colour was wrong, as were the background images. Everything else from custom.css was fine.


    My normal upgrade procedure was to simply copy over my old custom.css stylesheet. However, taking a look at the ‘new’ custom.css stylesheet, I see that what was previously coded as #tabs is now #nv-tabs … so if you have the same problem, you need to modify the NEW custom.css to match your old one, but using #nv-tabs.


    As an aside, I personally prefer not to have the current page highlighted in the navigation system, so I add a line, viz:


    #nv-tabs ul li.current_page_item {background:url() repeat-x top;}
    #nv-tabs ul li:hover {background:url(images/gradient-f-light.png) repeat-x top;}


    Cheers once again for a great theme, Andy!









    Thanks for highlighting this Laurie, I changed it because there were plugins out there using the same ID (how dare they 😉 ) so I made it more unique.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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