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  • Ofir Arbel

    hey there

    i have other thread here but in this post i want to ask about the background so i open a new one.

    i want to use some photos in the background so i went to the youtube video about the custom background and i see that you are talking there about changing colores but i want to have an image so i done what you said and open up one of the image background i have in the PSD folder.

    is there some easy way to just change the image in the psd?

    beacuse i see that after you choose the color in the photoshop you are copying the css boxes colore to the css file

    i see when i drag my photo to photoshop it replace the older image but i don’t think it is doing something to the css boxes and also i don’t want to have some color i want to have an image



    Hi Ofir,


    This is an old method of creating skins – if you’re using DynamiX 2.8 + there is a Custom Skin + option which allows you to easily add images/colors etc via the Skin Settings Admin, have you tried that out?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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