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    I was attempting to use the Add Custom CSS in the Skin Settings and it wasn't seeming to work (Dynamix 2.8.7).

    After doing some checking it looks like the setting was not registered and there was a misnamed option as well. What I did to fix was…

    in lib/adm/index.php around line 1351 I added:

    register_setting( 'skin-settings-group', 'custom_css' );

    in lib/adm/inc/skin-settings.php around line 363 I changed:

    <textarea name="custom_css" id="custom_css" style="width:100%;height:70px" /><?php echo get_option('header_css'); ?></textarea>


    <textarea name="custom_css" id="custom_css" style="width:100%;height:70px" /><?php echo get_option('custom_css'); ?></textarea>

    and that seems to have it working properly. Maybe someone already found this and I didn't go back far enough – if not then hopefully it will help someone else.


    Hey Rich,

    That's interesting – I'll check it out but not had any other reports so wasn't aware it was not working. 

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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