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  • Melanie Onesti

    HI there I was wondering how I cam create a new template or skin for background images for different pages, like you have done with this website?


    Or is it easier if I can use the costume skin + for different pages. For example I would like to use background head and footer images on one page and then use different background and header images on another page. Basically I need to copy the costume skin + function in the side page options menu multiple times so I can use the settings on different pages?


    Also I was wondering if there is an option in buddypress that re sizes the images that are loaded, currently it says image too large if its over a certain size.


    Could you please help me? Im experienced in html and css but not really with wordpress structures, I can even find the folder/ files that would help me do this. Cheers Mel


    Hi Mel,


    I think I answered on the ThemeForest comments about the custom skin. Can you post a link to the oversized images on BuddyPress?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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