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  • Thanatermesis

    Some elements doesn’t seems to work very well in the Customize panel, for example:
    – font colors -> footer link color (only works in the visualizer but not in the public site)
    – menu color: doesn’t has transparency value
    – background colors: it is very good to have 2 colors so that a gradient can be generated, but it can looks much better if we can select different options of gradients (in fact a gradient is the best design that you can have), see this example: http://secure.newdream.net/singlepage/ – which uses the code

    – patterns: they very good but the shipped ones are very ugly, only 1-2 are useful, i suggest to include some more ones (and prettier ones), this is of course just a suggestion for improve default dynamix 🙂

    Tom ( Support)


    I have just been through and tested these on my dev site with the latest version of WP and DynamiX and everything seems to work fine. Is the skin your editing set as your Default skin?

    Are you referring to the menu background color? I can select them both on my site. Under Customizer > Header > Background color opacity.

    I will suggest the gradient and patterns to Andy.

    Kind regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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