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  • prasadshivangi

    Hi. I have seen your video on theme customization – http://themeva.com/docs/dynamix/create-set-edit-skins/

    However, the new version of Dynamix that I have purchased, does not seem to have the same functionality as the one in the video (at least on the face of it). I am able to set a default font skin but every time I am tying to change the background or the font – no changes are taking place. I need to understand the following:
    1) I want each page of my website to have a different background and a different font color – is that possible?
    2) I want my branding logo to have a different font and color and I want the rest of the header text (whether in the homepage or in any other page) to have a different font and color than that of my branding logo – is that possible?
    3) Is there a newer video/documentation/tutorial or any other resource available to explain how the resizing of the background and the header and the fonts etc. work in the new version of Dynamix?

    I basically need to be able to fully customise each page of the website – that is very important for the concept we are developing on the website. However, currently, nothing is happening apart from the fact that the default skin is changing successfully. Do let me know how to go about this. Thanks.



    Can you confirm you’re using DynamiX 5.2 please, it seems like you may have to update.

    1) Yes, that’s definitely possible.
    2) Unfortunately that’s not possible. you could change the Font Color, but not Font.
    3) I’m not sure what you mean by the resizing of the Header, Fonts etc?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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