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  • Richard Harding

    Hi Andy,

    What are the differences between Dynamix and You themes? Is there are comparison chart? Is there any advantage in migrating from Dynamix to You? If so, can it be done easily?

    I have a simple website and over the years the number of supporting plugins for Dynamix has grown. Does You create the possibility of simplifying websites?

    I do find it awkward in obtaining information from the Acoda website. Clicking on the Acoda Themes button takes you to Theme Forest which is not as helpful as it could be.



    Hi Richard,

    There is no comparison chart as yet. I’m currently creating a much more details breakdown of the features for “You”, it has much more functionality than my other themes and is designed to load fasters, as well as display on mobile devices better. You have cool extras like seen on the App demo here. http://you.acoda.com/app-landing-page/

    With regards to migrating – all pages and post remain and most Visual Composer elements will work with “You” too. Page options, Themes and Skins are all completely different.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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