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  • Rosler Oriol

    Hi everyone,

    Before I begin I just wanted to say how great this theme is and how the support for the theme is also excellent. I am looking to make some changes to the overall look of the theme ( to the blog template provided, default template, resizing sidebars, ect). I'm a bit of a perfectionist and have an overall idea of what I want it to look like. I was thinking that the easiest way to make these changes would be with dreamweaver, but I've been having some trouble getting the php to display properly. Would anyone have any alternatives or have experience editing this theme in dreamweaver? 

    Thank you

    Rosler Oriol



    Hi Rosler,

    Dreamweaver is fine for editing the template – are you used to editing HTML? If so you have to remember php won't display like HTML and there is no visual mode for it, it all has to be handcoded. However to change the styling you don't need to worry about the PHP. 

    The DynamiX/style.css file is what you require – you can change the layout styles etc through that. 

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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