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  • William Wendland

    Sorry if this has been covered, I have searched and cannot find a resolution.

    My Drop Bar is hiding behind the WordPress Admin toolbar.

    and you cannot click the show/hide arrow.

    I know it's there and works, because I can find a clicable area below the bar and it goes to search.


    Thanks in advance.


    Hi William,

    It will only show when you're logged in – for non-logged in users the bar isn't present. However I'm going to look at a fix for this today. 



    That would be very helpful.  I usally log in to WP with chrome and check with Safari.

    There are plug ins out there that will remove the admin bar but…


    Just get rid of the admin bar. Go to your user profile in Administration and unselect Show toolbar when viewing site.

    William Wendland

    Thanks for the replies everyone.

    However this will not solve the issue.

    If I have users that login they will not be able to use the drop menu.

    Unless all users that signup, Login, connect with Social Network, etc… will need to disable the admin bar to use the drop panel.

    Where the search box is really my main concern.

    Is there a way to drop the entire website the amount of pixals of the admin bar when a user, or admin logs in?

    or as second option just drop the site down all together and put something else in its place, and the admin bar will cover that instead.

    I really don't like work arounds, so I may just disable the bar all together until the feture is corrected.

    and put a search box somewhere else on the site.

    Again thanks for the replies, I welcome any suggestions.

    William Wendland

    Update problem solved.

    Not sure how this solved the problem, but it did.

    I edited style.css, and changed "top: 0" to "top: 1" and it works great in IE9, and Safari 5

    /** Drop Panel *********************************/

    #toppanel {

     position: absolute; /*Panel will overlap content */

     /*position: relative;*/ /*Panel will "push" the content down */

     top: 1;

     left: 0;

    the drop panel is fine while logged in, or out.


    Hi Guys,

    The support for the admin bar will be in 2.8.8 – different to what you have William but if that works, great. 🙂

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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