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  • dieguezz

    Hello, i made some changes to drop panel and now when i close it, the animation goes out of the image border i placed. 

    Is hard to explain with my poor english. Just enter here: http://mimetix.com/web and click on the last menu item "contacto" . Then, to close it, press the button that says: "Cerrar contacto" and you'll see what i mean. The black area animates for a second goes bigger, and then closes. 

    How can i fix that?




    I'm not sure what you have done – unfortunately I can't extend my support to resolve issues other than standard theme support. All I can suggest is to rest the code to default and try again. 


    Sorry for making you lose time. I fixed it. You can check it again if you want. Sorry again and ty vm. U can close this post or whatever 😛

    William Wendland

    I was having trouble with the Drop Panel and used the search, found this post.


    I clicked on the OP's link and a trojan was inserted into my computer,

    Alescurf.C maybe it was a fluke, but never the less you should check your site.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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