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  • vojin p.

    hi andy

    after deciding that i dont have a whole lot of utility for my future site in drop panel + srch box + qT lang switcher i tried to change the drop panel option to just search bar + qT lang switcher.

    the flag images for the qT pics are now riding in the search bar… and to the right of the last flag is the search box loupe.

    i guess it is a width issue

    i did change the headers.php from 227px to 290 px for drop panel, but cannot find this option for just search box.

    any pointers what to change to make these align properly?

    meaning how to have a search box of the proper width, then vertical divider then language switch flags

    if i want to post pics are we bound to use imageshack or similar hosting service?

    is there no option to post in forum locally available pics?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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