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    Hi, I need to customize the Drop Panel as a dynamic element that displays different content on pulling different triggers. As a first step I have linked those elements to the trigger. I mean If I click the “Apply Now” Button in the page: http://cloudchowk.com/future/?page_id=40#  the DropPanel must be triggered with a “Resume Submission Form”. If the “Contact” Menu in the Main Menu tab is clicked, the DropPanel must be triggered with Contact addresses, as it is now, without displaying the “Resume Submission Form” which I previously mentioned here. I have browsed through all the DropPanel topics in your forum and was unlucky to get what I was just after. What/where do I need to start?
    Looking forward for assistance. Thanks



    This will require a fair amount of customisation – there isn’t anything out of the box that would do this. You would have to add etc classes to the triggers and when they are clicked jQuery would read those CSS classes and display relevant content.


    Unfortunately  I can’t extend my support to help you with this, you’ll need to get someone to develop it for you.


    Okay! Thanks for your consideration anyway.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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