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  • Sven

    The Theme DynamiX ist not working perfect with the WPTouch Plugin for WordPress.

    The big problem are the shortcodes wich are not transferable.

    Here you can see: http://s1.directupload.net/file/d/2591/bjdgkr5u_jpg.htm

    …imageeffect type "reflectlightbox"…should be shown as a photo. but it isn't!

    has anybody a solution for this problem?


    Hi Sven,

    What does the plugin documentation say about shortcodes? I've not used it but I'm guessing it would need to communicate with scripts that fire the shortcode – this would be the same for every theme that has shortcode bases system. 



    Following up on this, I have gone through many different 'mobile friendly' plugins, and WPTouch is by far the best….. if only as regards presentation.

    I bought the full version, but like Sven said, it cannot see through the DynamiX shortcodes which destroys the look. I have tested taking out the shortcodes and using direct embed codes and that works, but it sorta defeats the point of your slick DynamiX skin.

    You can see the problem if you go to http://www.zaboracing.com on your mobile – at the minute I am using the '2011 season category' as the landing page but I will be using Zabo News (Blog), and thats really all I want to use.

    The first post showing, 'Back in Oslo', I embedded the vimeo video bypassing the shortcode (and the SlideShowPro gallery embed code) and they work, but the 'image effect' frame for the header picture is still in shortcode – I did replace it with the wordpress method of putting it in the post and it worked but it looked like shite without the shadow etc! – we're too spoiled! hehehe.

    If you go to the second post, 'Zaboracing ready for 2012' you can see the problem for vimeo videos etc inside the shortcodes….. the next post, '3rd place in Dubai' has an SSP gallery and that shows up ok in WPTouch as SSP Galleries are always embedded into the post anyhow, but again, you can see the problem with the video/picture shortcodes.

    So, as you asked for above, I have snapshot the instructions that WPTouch give to overcome this problem and wonder if you could do anything about it…. as it is well documented and you know this is far outside of my capabilities 🙂

    NB: the example they use is for 'Elegant Themes' shortcodes which I was using before upgrading to DynamiX, but as they say, it should apply to other themes.

    WPTouch:- http://www.bravenewcode.com/store/plugins/wptouch-pro/

    Shortcode INSTRUCTIONS:

    1:- http://img836.imageshack.us/img836/6061/capture2cp.jpg

    (the download link for etshortcodes is here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/19501220/etshortcodes.php )

    2:- http://img15.imageshack.us/img15/6374/capture3oh.jpg

    3:- http://img534.imageshack.us/img534/3356/capture4rp.jpg

    4:- http://img831.imageshack.us/img831/8964/capture5f.jpg

    As I said Andy, I have tested all the other 'mobile' sites and this is by far the best, so perhaps if we could resolve this, then it would be a great addition/option for everyone using your DynamiX skin.


    Thanks for the feedback – I'll look into this when I'm back from holidays, it maybe a good solution for mobile devices – it just depends if it can handle more complex shortcodes.


    No problem Andy.

    Without any doubt, the single biggest request/complaint I get from everyone is that the site needs to be more 'mobile friendly'  – and the last thing I want to do it to go through every post and rip out the shortcodes.

    I would think if I had the picture and video shortcodes sorted, stuff for the news/blog posts primarily, that would be enough to make WPTouch work and look well, and anything beyond that could be seen on the main website.

    WPTouch does give users a button at the bottom of every page to turn off the mobile theme, but it would be nice if the user didn't have to in order to see photos and video within WPTouch!

    …. and have a great holiday.


    Bumpity bump bump bump!


    Hi Adrian,

    I'm weighing things up with his at the moment. The shortcodes for WPTouch are not ideal – ideally if you wanted true mobile support you would strip out the shortcodes and just have text? What are your thoughts on this?


    Hey Andy…..

    Stripping out the shortcodes would be an insult to your work in my opinion.
    It would be like buying a Ferarri and putting a set of 155×70 tyres on it.

    As I said previously, I’m not looking for perfection…. but it would be nice if the single lightbox photos in an individual post worked.
    I am only interested in the presentation of a single post within a mobile theme, not the whole website….. for that they can go buy a laptop! Hahaha

    SSP takes care of a slideshow inside a post, so as I say, its really just the single picture/video in a lightbox shortcode that makes the mobile site look a bollox.

    Jack Griffin

    Sorry to have started a new thread on this…   damn newbies 🙂     I hate it when I do something stupid.


    That said…   mobile is super important.  I would guess that any web publisher sophisticated enough to adopt DynamiX (love it!) will be looking for mobile solution.  As Adrian said, I don’t need perfection.  And I am willing to limit myself to just a few shortcodes (photos, videos) in Posts.


    We need to be able to keep the coolness of DynamiX when browsing on computers (and maybe tablets), but get to an acceptable “lowest common denominator” for smartphones.


    What are your current thoughts on mobile support?



    Hi Jack,


    It’s a real difficult one – that plugin works apart from the shortcodes, which have to be manually implemented for the plugin. The other option is responsive, but that requires a complete re-write of the framework. I’m currently working profusely on development of the admin, once that’s complete I’ll be able to make a decision, I’m also hiring someone to work on development projects, so I’m sure a solution will be available soon.

    Jack Griffin

    Andy,   right now, it looks like a quick fix would be to point mobile users to a separate home page.  One set up for mobile, with nav links to other content.






    Here is a nice workaround for WPtouch users so that you do not need to use any shortcodes:


    1. install a nice plugin called Preserved HTML Editor Markup


    >>> http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/preserved-html-editor-markup/


    2. for every normal wp page you have (with using shortcodes) make a copy of the url slug but extend it with mobile & create a new page with this information




    normal wp page url: http://www.mywebsite.com/about-me


    new wp slug for WPtouch: http://www.mywebsite.com/about-me-mobile


    3. open the first url (www.mywebsite.com/about-me) with your browser


    4. inspect the source code


    5. copy the html output which you need (within the body tag)


    6. & copy it & paste it to the new wp page (www.mywebsite.com/about-me-mobile)


    7. now in WPTouch only define the new url to show up (www.mywebsite.com/about-me-mobile)


    8. check the result.


    Hope this helps. 😉

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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