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  • Anne LN

    Hi 🙂

    What do you advice us as the best way to back up regulary our work ?

    Thank you very much


    Mark Pendlebury

    Try the WordPress Database Backup plugin.

    Just install from plugins and it seems to work pretty well. Creates either a download file or you can email the resulting file or keep it on your hosting. 

    Although I can't vouch for how good it is at restoring yet as I havent had to do.

    You will also need to backup your site (all the html, php files etc) and you can do this simply by copying it all to your local machine via ftp. There are probably other ways of doing that though.

    But I think your topic referred to the actual database. Hope that helps.

    Scott C

    Hopefully someone will post here with a way to backup both the SQL databases and all the html/php/css files etc… a method with a one-click backup would be best.


    Hi Guys,

    It's best to speak with your hosting as they essentially hold everything to do with the themes and databases and they may have a tool already in your cPanel for creating/restoring backups. 


    Snapshot Backup plugin 😉

    Salut Anne, voilà une frenchie de plus sur ce forum 🙂

    Anne LN

    Thank you all for answer et…oui RadCon il y en a quelques uns je crois :-)))

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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