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    I write you to ask for a relevent information.
    I was really disappointed when you decided to stop the Terso developement.

    At the moment we’re working to a big and important project and we’d like to use Dynamix and buy a new license.
    I want to know if you will continue to develop and support Dynamix or if you plan to stop it like tersus 1.0 and tersus2/terso.
    This time we can’t choose a dying theme.

    I’m sorry but the end of Terso was a really bad surprise and we don’t trust you anymore like in the past.

    Thank you for your help, have a nice day



    Hi Fede,

    I can only apologise. I had to make a decision based on a business point of view. The theme wasn’t selling, as much as I would like to keep customers happy by still developing it, I can’t justify it.

    It take an enormous amount of time to continue to develop the themes, the trends, technology, WP core, plugins, devices all change around it and there is barely a day that goes by that I’m not developing them.

    DynamiX is still going strong and as you can see from the change log, it’s entering it’s 5th year and no plans to go anywhere at the moment.

    I hope that gives you a better explanation of the decision and piece of mind that I’ll always keep developing them as long as the market still wants it.

    Kind regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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