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    I realize this is in the wrong forum but unfortunately, I’m unable to access the Dynamix forums. I’m constantly greeted with ‘page not found’. I’m having issues with the latest update. (Dynamix 5)

    Stage galleries no longer work in page options.
    Grid Galleries no longer align properly. If the post title is too long it breaks the alignment on the row beneath.
    Nivo galleries returned error saying it’s an outdated element.

    I’ve found workarounds for the issues above but my main issue is the blue icon with a ‘link’ that appears when you hover over posts in a grid gallery. I really need to be able to disable this.

    Sorry for posting in the wrong forum. Not sure if anyone else has had issues.


    Thomas Edgell

    Same challenge…
    States that we need to login and when you look at the groups that we belong to, the Dynamix Group is missing.



    The forums should be working now. It’s temporary fix as I’m migrating forums.

    As for the issue Jason, can you post a new topic along with some links please and I’ll check it out.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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