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  • Mikebussan

    Will you guys be making Dynamix a responsive theme? Or do I have to by another theme? I just got Dynamix and started putting it together and I feel its a complete waste of money now since its not responsive.


    I think I got the wrong one.

    Hey Mikebussan,


    Andy has released a new theme called ‘Tersus’ which is fully responsive. :)



    It has the same features as DynamiX + tonnes more and also a lot more flexibility. For example, gallery short codes can be set to any size and grid, group upto 12 columns – so you can place them anywhere, even into a 1/4 column or a sidebar etc. See here for example http://tersus.northvantage.co.uk/grid-shortcode/


    The images within galleries are not squished, you can have different aspect ratio images and the gallery will resize to it.


    Just activate Tersus as a new theme and it will accept the DynamiX settings and short codes – there maybe one or two tweaks you have to make but should be pretty smooth. 😉

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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