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  • Rebecca Anaya

    I was hoping maybe someone here could help me figure out why the DZS The Wall – Media Gallery plugin conflicts with this theme.


    When the DynamiX theme is active–the admin for the DZS The Wall looks like this. The page never stops spinning and options are not available/visible.




    When the standard WordPress theme Twenty Ten or Twenty Eleven is active the admin for the DZS The Wall looks like this:



    I can’t find the conflict: why the plugin does not work with the DynamiX theme.  I’ve tried to find help with the plugin developer with any success.  Plugin link http://codecanyon.net/item/the-wall-media-gallery-wordpress-plugin/236067.

    I know this is a long shot, but I’m desperate and hopeful someone here can help me.


    I appreciate any help so much.


    Thank you,


    Hi Rebecca,


    I see you have a coming soon page active which is blocking your main content.


    So could you please post which version of DynamiX you have installed right now?



    Rebecca Anaya


    I removed the coming soon page.

    Installed: DynamiX 2.9

    Page where I’m trying to use The Wall plugin: http://healingstrong.com/stories-of-hope/


    Thank you so much for your help,


    Please update to the most recent version which is v2.9.1. The critical part is the function.php which has changed on v2.9.1.


    Hope this helps. 😉



    Rebecca Anaya


    I just completed the upgrade. Version is now 2.9.1. Unfortunately, it didn’t change anything in DZS Wall plugin admin. It is still just spinning and blank (like the first image I posted).


    Any other ideas or suggestions. Again, thank you so much for your help.


    I have turned off all the plugins. Then only turned on The Wall plugin. Didn’t make any difference.

    Just checked the authors plugin page. Seems this developer has stopped supporting his item…


    His last comment on this item was 4 month ago though many users are complaining that it do not work for them. And if you check

    out his newest item (DZS Testimonial Rotator – jQuery powered) he responded only 7 days ago. So my advice would be ask envato for a refund & spend the money on another developer.


    There are so many nice plugins out there where the authors do care about their customers. 😉

    Rebecca Anaya

    Thank you for your help and advice.



    You are welcome! 🙂

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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