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  • Keven T

    This should be easy right?   I cannot find the place where to edit the blog template, please advise.

    thanks mcuh

    Keven T

    Okay.. found the place to edit the blog settings  :



    How to I change which Sidebar is used by the "normal" view .. with articles on the left and sidebar on the right

    I can see how to change on the individual page.. but I dont think it is working correctly

    The following config = gives me sidebar1 on the main page, and sidebar 2 on the single article page.  I would like sidebar 2 on both the main list page, and single page

    Page Configuration

    Select Page Configuration options.


    Column Configuration

    If sidebars are required, please select below for each column (Column Two option is ignored if not required).



    Keven T

    this is sidebar 1


    and this is sidebar 2


    with poker ad



    The single pages are controlled individually – you can set sidebar in the posts. Unfortunately there is no global options at the moment. So whatever you need the single posts to be add widgets to Sidebar 1 and then what you need for blog pages add widgets to Sidebar 2 and set to SIdebar 2 in the above settings.

    Keven T

    THanks Andy

    Can I make a suggestion that this show in  a future release?

    Here is  the value

    My business sells dev services, and does NOT want to advertize on most of my site. 

    However, my blog readers is a whole nuther issue… I will ad support the blog all day long.

    So if my design calls for side bars in the rest of the site, which is great for SEO becaus I have rss links in there, then I cannot do BOTH ad friendly and not friendly sidebars

    thanks for considering it 

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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