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  • 24 Thirty

    I'm at an impasse, things are coming along nicely with my latest Dynamix project…


    But i'm having a nightmare embedding video… can anyone help me with their video tricks and tips (how does everyone else do it) ??

    Thanks guys..



    Site is looking fantastic Marc! 

    In the next update there is a Video Embed Shortcode!! You'll be able to embed, vimeo, youtube, flash and jwplayer. 


    Loving your work Marc!  Looks very engaging. With regards to video – I find the best option is to use the JW Player – you need the relevant files from their site Longtail video – or omething like that. It is in the documentation just iincase you overlooked it and only takes minutes to set up.

    This was introduced after version 2.75 I think so as long as you are using a more recent versino then you'll be good to go.  Great news on the shortcode Andy – I wish you would stop making life so easy LOL!!!!!!

    P.S. Marc – I am interested in the style of your menu – did this require a lot of modifications? Did you manage it easily? Or did you go through some pain? If so I think i'll not venture into that territory  ;o)

    24 Thirty

    Hi Mark, thanks for your help, i'll certainly try all that out… 

    Re the custom menu, we actually developed it in it's own child theme, and i took about a day to get it looking hot… If you'd like I could sell you th child theme (with @Andy-CWZAdmin permission and i'd happily sell it for about $150 (which is a snip considering that it's a days work and i charge $175 an hour!!

    Let me know if you're interested, you can paypal funds and i'll send you zipped files.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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