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  • Steve Meleka

    I know this is possibly a contentious issue as it’s quite hard to reliably achieve, but I think Visual Composer itself supports this feature now (since Dec ’15) but it’s disabled in the Dynamix theme version of the VC plugin.

    Is there any chance this can be enabled? It’s a really handy thing to have, and I think my client will struggle to understand how to employ the CSS workaround I found elsewhere on the forum.

    Hi @smeleka

    What do you mean by Equal Height Columns? Can you send screenshots so we can check further?



    Hi Steve,

    I’ve found that if you place a row within a row then the inner row has the option box for creating columns of equal heights and it works quite well.
    The steps to do this are as follows.
    1. Create a row.
    2. Click on the plus symbol in the row and add a new row.
    3. Divide that up into your columns.
    4. Click on the pencil symbol on the right hand side and the inner row settings dialogue box will open.
    5. Check the “equal height?” box and save.

    Sorry for ambushing the thread but I was just using it a few minutes ago on one of my sites so thought I’d jump in.

    best wishes


    Thanks for the help @heli

    Hopefully that is what Steve is looking for. 🙂


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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