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    Hi Edcel,

    Hope that you’re well.

    I believe that some of these issues have already been posted about in the forum but I’m also having big problems with You Theme when it comes to making changes on websites.

    1. Its becoming increasingly difficult to update any plugin on the site: Yoast SEO has always thrown up difficulties in the past (I’ve heaps of earlier forum entries about this regarding Dynmix and Terso) but trying to update any plugin now is throwing up a huge error message on the plugins page (I’ve posted an example in a private post below).

    2. Acoda Text formatting and paragraph formatting options have disappeared from the text editor within visual composer.

    3. Plugins are literally “disappearing” from the plugin page. I’ve not been hacked and if I look in my directory files the plugins folders and files are all still there but they aren’t being shown on the Plugin page within the WordPress admin dashboard. This is starting to be a real problem as it’s affecting my clients businesses.

    4. I’m also getting a massive increase in 500 and “page not found” errors. My hosting company are looking at it from their side but I suspect that there’s some conflict here.

    All of the sites I create have their databases backed up and optimised on a regular (fortnightly) basis and I’m not running any site with a million old plugins – they’re all kept up to date and use only mainstream plugins (Yoast, EDD, WP Supercache, Akismet etc) and those sparingly – so any information/help you can give would be very greatly appreciated as I’m spending more time trying to keep the theme’s updated and answering clients emails regarding “page not found” errors than I am doing any real work!
    best wishes


    PS. All 3 sites are running the latest version of You Theme, WordPress and any Plugin (other than Visual Composer obviously)
    PPS. I’ve already disbled YOU theme and tested with default wordpress theme (2017) and no problems when You is disabled.

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    Hi @heli

    1 & 4) Can you please send over your site’s URL and login credentials so we could personally check on this from our end?

    2) Actually, we have been receiving reports regarding the paragraph formatting. We have coordinated this with the developer and we’ll let you know once we have an update from the developer.

    3) What are those plugins that are not on your Dashboard? Can you also send your FTP login credentials to further check on this as well?



    Hi Edcel

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this.

    Unfortunately I’m not able to send through the login credentials to the website I copied the error code from as the site is live and has been handed over to the client – they couldn’t wait any longer for their site. I”ll send over a link to a test site running the same configuration as soon as I’ve had a chance to set one up.

    2. Re VC formatting problems – I’m still having the problems with any of the formatting tabs in the text boxes in VC. and now a couple of my clients have told me that they’re even having problems opening up the text box. This is affecting both the You Theme and the Dynamix themes I have.

    I’ve read the other posts about this and it seems to be a conflict with the latest version of WordPress? Unfortunately I’m not able to roll back WordPress to the last version on any of the sites with this conflict. However a quick look on the VC page on the code canyon site seems to suggest that the latest version to VC fixes this. Do you know when an update to Dynamix and You Theme are likely to be rolled out with the latest version of VC or is there somewhere I can download it and test it out?

    3. Disapparing plugins. Believe it or not its the WordFence security plugin that keeps vanishing! I’ve run security checks and my sites are all safe. It seems to be (yet another conflict) caused by the latest version of WordPress but not to do with the Theme so that’s OK.

    As ever, thank you for all your help Edcel – it’s always appreciated.

    best wishes


    PS. Re 2 – I did see a fix on the Code Canyon page for the text formatting problem – which I’ve copied and pasted below. However I’ve not tested it so don’t know if it works or not. I’ll give it a try later on.

    COPIED & PASTED FROM CODE CANYON VC COMMENTS (So I don’t know if it works!).


    For those of you not seeing the drop-down I to had the same issue.

    I then moved the popup aside when editing a text block and drop-down was behind it!

    I then inspected element with Firebug and found that changing this:

    .mce-panel.mce-menu { z-index: 689; }


    .mce-panel.mce-menu { z-index: 99999999!important; }

    Coming from


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