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    I am creating a website for a photography group. There are 5 photographers and the specialize in different types of photography, some of which overlap. I would like to create a gallery (or mulitple ones) that allow a user to filter by photography category – i.e. Weddings, Architecture, Portraits, Culinary, etc… Events. Sometimes photos can belong to two categories – Events and Culinary. Plus they may or may not want that photo to appear in one of the photographer’s gallery/portfolio – so one photo, may appear in 3 places. The only way I have come up with so far to to this is to create a Portfolio for each individual photo and assign it to multiple categories and then create a page with a filterable portfolio on it. Also, each photo is just an image – there is no story behind it, so I don’t need a portfolio page to accompany each photo. So 1) it seems very arduous to create several hundred portfolios that simply house a single photo each – is there a better way? 2) on the filterable portfolio, I don’t want the link icon to display – I just want the images. Is there an easy way to turn that off? I tried a simple display: none; in the css, but then the lightbox icon (which I do want) is off centered.

    The site is currently behind a Coming Soon page, but I can send you a user/pass to access it.


    *** Solved ***
    I just found the setting in the Slide Set Manager to add the filterable tags for each image.

    Glad you’ve solved the issue, @lwalcoff

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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