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  • Josh

    My website was working a week ago, but all of the sudden my galleries stopped showing images. I have a main gallery and a slider below it. I tried re-uploading the images and created a new gallery, but it didn’t work.




    Update: I am able to post pictures themselves. The problem seems to be with the galleries and possibly short code generator When i try to put the gallery slider  in the middle of the main page, the images don’t show. Also, when I use the short code generator to input image effects for a single picture, the image doesn’t display.

    Tom ( Support)

    Hi Josh,


    It looks like your Timthumb.php file doesn’t exist. Either the file has been removed or your server might be blocking it. I would double check both. http://www.executiveadjusting.com/wp-content/themes/DynamiX/lib/scripts/timthumb.php


    Have you thought about upgrading to the latest version? In the new version of Dynamix, there is a different image sizing script and timthumb has been removed.


    If you need help with upgrading to the latest version, see this guide.


    Kind regards,





Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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