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  • Coulter Brooks


    I am designing this to be for a laptop resolution 1440 x 852

    LINK TO SITE: page example


    using GRID GALLERY >> concerns….

    1. thumbnails are squashed (can i get a better representaion of the thumbnail icons?) if so how?

    2. on labtop top resolution of screen set to 1440 x 852 — when clicking thumbnail for bigger image — the image on lower res screen gets placed behind the menu (menu active) so if you try to press X to close it selects the menu instead. and logo is on top of image.. If the user scrolls down then they can press X to close slide show. I dont think users will know to scroll down to hit X to close … It seems as if the BACKGROUND Is not GREYED OUT completely to only have the slideshow be active… example in your template .. BACKGROUND Is GREYED OUT >>


    or example — just grab corner of screen and drag to make internet screen smaller and the blow up image of slide show moves – on our site the blow up image is below menu system and background is not greyed out…


    our menu (Hidden behind logo and menu)


    your sample menu






    1. The thumbnails – you can adjust the height of the Gallery Images to balance out the ratio – or you can also enable zoom on the Posts / Gallery Slide Set. 

    2. I'm not sure why that's not showing for you but the lightbox works fine on your site for me. What browser are you using?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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