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  • Anne LN
    Ok…;-) I have the feeling to ask and ask so many questions here. I'm sorry but I'm new and I need your help to can fly with the great dynamix.


    So, talking about Gallery slide sets, I have the two following problems :


    Imagine I have a image URL for the image ( in a slide ) but I want the link to charge NOT a video and nore the image but a html page OR OTHER image.


    So first situation :


    Example : my "image URL" is something like : "/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/blablabla.jpg"

    and I want the link to open OTHER image but using the lightbox effect.


    How can I do because it doesn'nt work if I put the url of the other image in "Link URL" ( it's just opening a new page charging the image without lightbox effect ). And it's not working writing the url in the video field because it's expecting a video.


    Second situation :


    I want a link opening a html page in a popup window for example or in a iframe, but still with the lightbox effect. If I put the html link in the "Link URL", it's simply opening a new page without any effect.


    Any solution please ?


    Thank you and thank you…. 🙂


    This can be done if you use the video URL for the second image or iframe. Unfortunately it will show a play symbol instead of zoom because it think it's a video. 

    For iframe of google for example you would enter into the video URL. 


    replace google.com with domain you want to show. 

    Anne LN

    Dear Andy,

    I just try for both and….it's works PERFECTLY !!! You're the best !

    Thanks again.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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